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I’m Kai, a full-stack and FOSS game developer.


I work at Trimble, helping the company connect and scale via robust integration offerings with external and internal services.

Primarily working on robust APIs and integrations w/ C# .NET, DevOps on Azure & GitHub, and front-end via React.

Things I Do

  • Space Station 13 - One of the largest free and open-source videogames.

  • GitHub Apps - I have developed multiple Apps, Actions, and Workflows on GitHub for the community. These are used by over 150 others.

  • Cooking. Lots of it.

Things I’ve Done

  • Not quite done, but I’m giving a talk at FOSSY 2023.
  • Many other tiny projects

Things I’ve Used

Tech Language Tooling
React & Svelte JS & TS GitHub Actions
Kubernetes Rust Azure DevOps
Terraform C# VSCode & Rider